How to Make an Easy Ribbon Cushion

Roll out the ribbons for this beautiful and easy-to-make cushion! With a little imagination, here’s how to make an easy ribbon cushion to match even their lofty heights! And, what’s more, this cushion can be made to suit any colour scheme or season. The high street (and Hobbycraft!) is awash with colourful ribbons this winter, but you can’t  beat relaxing back on a comfy cushion you’ve made yourself!


You Will Need How to Make
  1. Take your cushion cover (or make a simple one with plain linen), and choose your ribbons. Make sure that you go for a mix of colours in complementary shades. Mix in a few patterns and textures to add interest.
  2. Lay out your ribbons across the cushion cover so that you can play with the order. Once your happy with the design, trim the ribbons to the correct length and fix to the cushion with pins.
  3. Stitch down the middle of each piece of ribbon and across either end (velvet ribbons need to be hand-sewn). If you find sewing tricky, consider fixing the ribbon using Heat ‘n’ Bond iron-on adhesive tape instead.

Top tip! Your sewing kit should include a sewing basket, pin cushion, curved fabric cutter, seam ripper for adjustments, different-sized scissors, tape measuretailors chalk and pins.  Also, if you’re new to sewing, invest in a good book outlining the basics. I love Margaret Rowan’s The Complete Guide to Hand Sewing and Embellishing and A Little Course in Sewing by DK.

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