How to Make an Easy Christmas Character Card

How to Make an Easy Christmas Character Card #easy #christmas #card #character #washi #tape #polar #bear #papercraft #beginner #diy #simple

New to papercraft? Don’t be put off by the though of making your own Christmas cards – this easy christmas character card comes together in less than 10 minutes, so you can smash out your whole Christmas card list in one afternoon! Change the character in the middle for a bit of variety, or use a different pattern washi tape.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Pick your favourite die cut from the sheet, and pop it out. Pop out any accessories that go with it, such as a hat and shoes – you can choose how many you want to use, I went for just shoes and the hat!

2. Stick the main die cut into the centre of your card and let dry a few minutes.

3. Stick some small foam pads onto the back of the accessories, and then stick on top of where the image is on the main die cut. This will create some dimension to the card to help give a bit of interest.

3. Finish off by sticking down washi tape along all the edges as a border, overlapping the edges on the corners and cutting off the ends using scissors for a clean line. 

How to Make an Easy Christmas Character Card #easy #christmas #card #character #washi #tape #polar #bear #papercraft #beginner #diy #simple

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