How to Make an Easy Bunny Cake

How to Make an Easy Bunny Cake #easy #bunny #cake #easter #baking #kids

It’s time to hop to the kitchen and get baking – there’s no excuse with this super easy bunny cake! Even the kids can do this one, and it’s great for beginners to piping to practice their skills.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Spray your Wilton bunny tin with Wilton Bake Easy spray, ensuring the inside of the tin is completely covered (this will ensure the cake comes out of the tin cleanly).

2. Make your sponge mix according to your recipe or packet and spoon this into the tin. Bake in the middle of your oven.

3. Once completely cool, transfer your bunny onto the board that you will be serving it from.

4. Prepare your 3 piping bags with your number 21 tips.

5. Using 3 separate bowls, add 300g of Wilton creamy decorators icing to each bowl. Leave one bowl of icing white and fill one piping bag with this white icing. Set aside. Colour one bowl with a few drops of pink Color Right and the other bowl with a few drops of yellow Color Right, according to desired shade of colour. Fill the remaining 2 bags each pink and yellow, leaving 2 tablespoons of the pink icing in the bowl. Set aside.

6. Using the left over pink icing to ice the inside of the ears with a palette knife.

7. Pipe little stars with the bag and tip all over the bunny cake either alternating colours or completing sections in each of the three colours as per the picture – be creative! Ensure you cover the whole surface and that no cake is peeping through the icing.

8. Fashion a mouth and two eyes as desired with the fondant icing or add Wilton candy eyes to the face.

Top Tip!…If you prefer to decorate your bunny white , then simple leave the creamy decorators icing as it is straight from the packet.

How to Make an Easy Bunny Cake #easy #bunny #cake #easter #rabbit #kids #baking #colourful

How to Make an Easy Bunny Cake #easy #bunny #cake #easter #rabbit #kids #baking #colourful

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