How To Make An Easter Petal Basket

Add a crafty touch to your Easter by making these cute baskets by Holly George. They are great for hiding all those yummy Easter eggs in!



How To Make An Easter Petal Basket

You Will Need

2x balls of Conway + Bliss Odin in Lilac

8mm hook

Small amounts of Hayfield Bonus DK in green, yellow and white

Needle (for sewing in ends)

Stitch marker

How To Make

Working with two strands of Debbie Bliss Odin at the same time:

  1. Form a magic ring, 6dc into the ring and tighten (6)
  2. 2dc in each stitch (place a stitch marker into your first stitch, and for every round) (12)
  3. 1dc into first stitch, 2dc into the next stitch *dc, 2dc* until end of the round (18)
  4. 2dc into first stitch, dc into the next two stitches *2dc, dc, dc* until end of round (24)
  5. *2dc, dc into next 3 stitches* (30)
  6. dc in front loops only for the whole round (30)
  7. Rounds 7-15: dc in every stitch (30) (Nb this is 9 rounds)
  8. *dc, ch1, skip 1* repeat until end of round (30)
  9. dc into every dc and ch space from previous round (30)
  10. Slip stitch into next stitch, *skip 2, 7tr into next stitch, skip 2, slst* repeat until end of round (this forms the petal edge of the basket)

Finish off and weave in ends



To make the daisy garland:


  • Leaf 1: With Hayfield Bonus DK in green, ch8, then working down the chain into each chain stitch work the following: sk1, slst, dc, htr, tr, htr, dc then slst and ch1.
  • Working down the other side of the original ch8, now work: slst, dc, htr, tr, htr, dc, slst.
  • Now chain 108 stitches (this should comfortably go round the circumference of your basket – adjust as necessary). Once you’ve done this, put a safety pin or stitch marker through your last chain and then thread it through the holes in your basket made in round 16 until it comes back out at the start – make sure Leaf 1 remains at the start and doesn’t get threaded through.
  • Make Leaf 2 by following the Leaf 1 instructions on the last 8 chains you made.
  • Finish off and weave in ends.
  • To make the daisy – with yellow, 6dc in magic ring and tighten. Then 2dc into each stitch and fasten off (12).
  • Join the white yarn into any stitch from the previous round, ch4 then slst into next stitch, *slst, ch4, slst* until end of round (forms 6 chain petals).
  • *Slst into chain space of next petal, ch1 then htr, tr, htr, dc, (all in the same petal chain space) then slst into next stitch* repeat until end. (6 petals)
  • Sew the daisy onto the green leaf chain where the two ends meet above the leaves.



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