How to Make an Easter Meadow Bonnet

How to Make an Easter Meadow Bonnet #bonnet #easter #boys #cowboy #sheep #meadow

With a few basic craft supplies this cowboy hat can be transformed into a fantastical Easter meadow complete with cute little roaming lambs, flowers and fences! This hat will be sure to turn heads at any egg hunt or Easter parade.

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You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Spread glue liberally on the top and sides of the hat, then take a piece of green felt and place it on top. Fold it down around the top of the hat and wrap a strip of double-sided tape all the way around the felt to hold it in place. Cut away the excess underneath the tape.meadowhat_4
  2. Take the second sheet of felt and cut an 8 cm wide strip from the length. Cut snips all the way along to resemble grass (you can fold the felt into thirds to save time!). Add double-sided tape all the way along the bottom edge and stick around the top of the hat. You can add several layers in different shades of green if you like.
  3. For the fence, measure around the top of the hat. Place 2 strips of double-sided tape to this length on the table, sticky-side up, alongside each other. Place the lollipop sticks all the way along the tape.
  4. Peel away the backing on the double-sided tape from both the fence and the hat. Wrap the fence around the hat.meadowhat_1
  5. To make the fluffy little lambs, fold a black pipe-cleaner to create 4 legs and a head. You may need to make a tester first to work out how best to do this. Unroll a cotton wool ball and wrap it around the tummy to make fur. You can add a dot of glue but it should stay secure by itself. Dot on eyes using white paint and the nib of a pencil.
  6. Glue the lambs into the field along with the paper flowers. Add a strip of double-sided tape around the fence just above the rim of the hat. Then add different sized pompoms all along the tape, you can add a little felt bunny too if you like. Tie a matching blue ribbon around the fence and your meadow hat is good to go!

How to Make an Easter Meadow Bonnet #bonnet #easter #boys #cowboy #sheep #meadow

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