How to Make an Artificial Modern Wreath

Create a delicate wreath using artificial foliage available online and in store at Hobbycraft, competing in likeness to the real thing! The best thing about this wreath is that it’ll last for years, and our modern florals create a modern, clean, and timeless style. We’ve teamed up with Florist, Jessica Hillier, and have challenged her to create a series of wreaths using a mixture of fresh and faux florals – can you tell the difference?

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. To moss your frame up, make a double knot with the end of your string to the wire wreath frame.

Then with a bundle of moss, place the moss on top of the wire frame then wrap the string round and pull tight.

Carry on doing this until you have completed the whole of the wreath frame. Tie off with a double knot but keep string attached.

2. Adding foliage to the wreath. Pick foliage that suits your design. Choose from artificial Ivy, Asparagus Bush, Sword fern, Parsley Fern, Eucalyptus etc.

3. Now cut down your sprays into manageable sizes, hoping to gather 2 – 4 pieces from each stem – be careful as you are cutting through thick wire

4. Now with your selection of textured foliage, bundle a few piece together (making sure you have variety), place this bundle on top of the moss and wrap the string around the foliage and the mossed wreath frame and pull tight.

5. Carry on doing this by overlapping each bundle of foliage, hiding the stems of the previous bundles, until you have completed the whole of the mossed wreath frame.

6. Once complete cut of the remaining string and double knot to make secure.

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