How to Make an Artificial Moss Wreath

Create this moss wreath using the green base available online and in store at Hobbycraft this Easter. Florist Jess Hillier here shows how to best place artificial moss onto the base for a rustic look. This wreath will look beautiful decorating the walls or doors of your home this spring time!

You Will Need How to Make

1. Lay out your moss bags and work out what sections on your frame you want to show each different moss. It’s easier if you work out every 5/10- cm will show a different moss. I have decided to have the darker tones toward the base of the frame and then have the lighter, natural moss at the top. Leave one lighter toning package of moss to a side, as you will use this at the very end.    


2. With your glue gun Hot/Cold, apply a small amount of glue to the Polystyrene ring and then with a small amount of moss, place gently to begin with to see if you have it in the correct place and then once happy, press down firmly and hold for a few seconds, until the glue has set. 


3. Repeat this all around your frame until you have covered majority of the frame, with each of the selected moss. Don’t worry if your can still see the original moss as this will give you a more texture to the design.    


3. Once you have finished with your design. Select the lighter toning moss and with this you will place on top of the darker toning moss to show definition on your design. As before take a small handful and pull lightly with your hands to make it spread. Then add a small amount of glue to the top layer of moss and just like before place gently to begin with. Then once happy press firmly until the glue has set.

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