How to Make an Artificial Autumnal Wreath

It’s finally time to fill the home with earthly scents and sights! As the nights draw in and the air feels ever colder, why not decorate your home to suit the mood with this gorgeous autumnal wreath that uses artificial foliage available online and in store at Hobbycraft.

Floral Designer Jessica Hillier explains how best to attach bundles of foliage to the wire wreath base, and creates a vibrant and modern wreath that would be the centrepoint of any home.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Gather all your foliage’s and artificial blooms you will be using for your wreath. Each stem will have 3 to 4 sprays coming off. Try and cut these down to manageable sizes ready for your design.

Top tip! Be careful when using the secateurs as you are cutting through thick wire.

2. Once you have gone through all your selected pieces. You can now set them aside ready to start your wreath.

3. Starting with your wired wreath. Collect you twine bundle and tie on the end of the string to your wired wreath.

This is your starting point and finishing point. (Remembering to leave a little bit of excess hanging to use this to tie off at the end)

4. Now with your selection of textured foliage and blooms, bundle a few piece together (making sure you have variety), place this bundle on top of the wired wreath and with your other hand gather your twine and bring it up and over the top of the stems and back under, pulling it tight.

5. Go over 2 or 3 more times, so you can feel that they are securely in place and it wont come away from the frame.

6. Attach small wire flowers to bulk out the wreath, wrapping the wire around the wire wreath base underneath.

6. Now leaving the twine to one side (still being attached) gather your next selected bundle and place on top of the exposed previous stems. Now as before collect your twine and repeat the process again.

7. Carry on doing this around your frame until you can’t see the wired wreath and you’ve come back to your starting point.

8. Once you have complete and you are happy with your finished design, turn the design over your and with the twine, tie off with a double knot.

Congratulations you have just made your very own artificial wreath!

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