How to Make an Apple Gift Set

How to Make an Apple Gift Set #thankyouteacher

It’s that time of the term when children up and down the country start to think about what they can give as gifts to say thank you teacher. To be truly unique however, I say no gift can be as good as handmade! This how to make an apple gift set offers an amusing twist on the traditional ‘apple for teacher’ idea and is a fun project that older children can do by themselves or, for the little ones, with a spot of help from mum!…

How to Make an Apple Gift Set

You Will Need

How to Make

Gift Bucket

  1. Write or rubber stamp your message onto one side of the luggage label.
  2. Cut an apple shape, stalk and leaf from patterned paper and glue into place on the label. Draw a ‘stitch’ line around the edges.
  3. Cut a strip of patterned paper one-third the height of the bucket. Add a zigzag edge with decorative scissors then drop the strip into the bottom of the bucket.
  4. Tie the label to the bucket with a short length of ribbon, and fill with your gift.


  1. Follow steps one and two as above.
  2. Cut a strip of contrasting paper and use decorative scissors to give the long sides a zigzag edge.
  3. Glue onto card.
  4. Tie the cord to the luggage label and glue in place.

How to Make an Apple Gift Set #thankyouteacher
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