How to Make an Aperture Heart Card

If you’re looking for a super-simple handmade card for that special someone in your life, then this clever aperture heart card is a must! Raid your cardstock scraps to create the palm punched hearts and add a little bit of glitz with glitter card. What could be easier!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Using a pencil and ruler, mark a 1.5cm border around all four edges of the card. Open out the card blank and place on top of a craft mat, use a metal ruler and craft knife to remove the central square.

2. Punch a selection of hearts from pink and gold glitter cardstock.

3. Apply a layer of foam tape around each of the card’s four sides, then secure three strands of invisible thread running from the top to the bottom of the card.

4. Working from left to right, secure a selection of hearts in the following sequence: 3, 2, 3. To ensure the hearts are secure, use double-sided tape to add a duplicate shape on the back of each. 

5. Apply another layer of foam tape around each of the card’s edges, and add anther three strands of invisible thread, adding hearts in the same manner as step four.

6. Secure one final layer of foam tape, then add a 6″ square frame on top with a 1cm border; make sure to line up the edges as it’s applied.

7. To complete the design add a layer of tracing paper on the inside of the card using the frame to disguise the double-sided tape.

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