How to Make Alphabet Animal Cookies

How to Make Alphabet Animal Cookies #baking #biscuits #cookies #animal #alphabet #kids

Have some farmyard fun in the kitchen this spring with these alphabet animal cookies! Let your kids spell out their names and decorate to their hearts content – or make them as a special gift for their friends.

Skill Level: Beginner

Time to Make: One hour, plus cooling

You Will Need
How to Make

1. Make your cookie dough as per the recipe. Roll out to about 1cm thick, then use your chosen name or phase to cut out your shapes.

2. Bake your cookies as per your recipe instructions and allow your cookies to cool completely before decorating.

3. To decorate roll out your chosen base colour icing to 3mm thick and use your chosen letters to cut out. Stick you base colour icing to you cookies with edible glue.
For the J use white or yellow
For the A use a light pink
For the K use white or brown
For the C use white icing, roll up lots of balls and stick them randomly squashing them in place, this creates a ‘wooly’ look.

Top Tip! . . .If you have a difficult shape letter to decorate then pick out an animal print to decorate it in instead of giving it a face.

4. Create the details of the animals like the print, feet and facial features with contrasting icing using edible glue to stick it in place.

5. If you want use candy eyes to bring your animals to life and keep a cocktail stick handy to create indent detail if needed.

How to Make Alphabet Animal Cookies #baking #biscuits #cookies #animal #alphabet #kids

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