How to Make Air Dry Clay Snails

Learn how to make these adorable snails using clay, and acrylic paint! There’s no end to ways that they can be decorated, and the shape is so simple to make. Follow the below tutorial to see how it’s done..

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Roll out a thick tube of clay, making one end smaller than the other

2. Twist up the thicker end of the tube, and pinch two ears (eyes!) into the top of the snail’s head

3. Blunt the ends of these ears using a clay tool

4. Manipulate the clay so that the snail is sitting in a natural pose with the head pointing upwards and the tail curving around slightly

5. Create another tube of clay, making one end smaller than the other. 

6. Roll in the tube to the left from the small edge, lifting the smaller centre up slightly to create a three dimensional snail shell

Top tip! Using a small amount of water on your fingers helps to smooth out the clay, and prevents the clay from drying whilst you are still molding it.

7. Leave to dry

8. Use fine sandpaper to smooth out any bumps or fingerprints in the clay. This isn’t compulsory, but will produce a more even overall finish!

9. Once dry, paint the clay white using acrylic paint

10. Once the white acrylic paint is dry, paint two coats of acrylic in a colour of your choice over the whole snail

11. Once this colour is completely dry, paint over the shell in another colour – here we have opted for a darker blue

12. Paint on some decorative flourishes in a colour that will stand out – here we have used white acrylic paint on the darker snails, and a mustard yellow on the lightest snail

13. Draw in two dots for eyes – here you can play around with expression! 

14. Leave to dry, and varnish with Mod Podge for a super glossy finish 

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