How to Make Air Dry Clay Planters

These little colour dipped air dry clay planters will brighten up any window ledge, and we’ve used artificial plants so they will always look beautiful! For realism we have used real soil, but you could use sand or a dry floral foam. You could also use real plants – but remember that air dry clay will warp if it gets wet so be sure to line your pot with a plastic bag before planting. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Begin by rolling the clay out to 3-5mm thickness between two pieces of cling film (or use the plastic the clay comes in). This will allow you to move the clay around and check the thickness without it sticking to your work surface. Lay the templates on top of the clay and cut around them.

2. Place some cling film around a small tin. Pick up the clay with the scalloped edge and wrap it around the tin with the scalloped edge at the top – line up the bottom of the clay with the bottom of the tin. Smooth the edges together with a little water. Repeat for the curved edge piece of clay. Set all the clay aside to dry for 2-3 hours.

3. After a few hours the clay on the tins should be strong enough to support its own weight. Wiggle the tins out from the clay and then leave to dry overnight.

4. Once dry you can assemble the pots. Pop the circular pieces of clay inside the round pots and glue in place.

5. Assemble the house with the small rectangular piece as the base and the two house pieces opposite each other. Glue together then use masking tape to hold it in place whilst it dries.

6. If there are any gaps in the joins you can smooth them by mixing clay with a bit of water to make it into a sticky paste, then use your finger to smooth it onto the pots.

7. Use sandpaper to smooth the pots down. Be gentle – you don’t want them to break!

8. Take a tape measure and wrap it around one of the round pots. Mark a line around the pot in pencil – this will allow you to create a neat edge for your dipped paint effect.

9. Paint the base of the pots with acrylic paint. You will need a few coats for an even coverage. Leave to dry.

10. Fill each pot with soil, then snip the stems of the plastic succulents and pop them into each pot.


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