How to Make a Zipped Cushion

How to Make a Zipped Cushion #Sewing #Homecraft #Campervan

If you want to make something for your home and you’re itching to get sewing on your sewing machine, cushions are as good a place as any to start. There are lots of different ways you can make cushions, from simple envelope style covers to cushion covers that incorporate button holes and zips.

The zipped cushion cover is one many people are put off by, due to the need to insert a zip. However it needn’t be tricky, once you know how you’ll wonder why you’d not done it sooner!

How to by Caroline Giles

Suitable for : Beginners to Intermediates

You will need
Craft Essentials
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Cotton thread
How to make

1. Cut two pieces of fabric, one for the front and one for the back of your cushion. Whatever size cushion pad you are using make sure to cut your fabric the same size, this will ensure you get a nice snug fit.

2.  Place you zip centrally on the back panel, and mark where both of the ends start and finish. You can do this either by placing a pin in each mark, or you could use a disappearing fabric pen.

3. Lay both pieces of fabric on top of each other so the right sides are facing.

4. Now it’s time to sew in the zip. Start by tacking the bottom edge (loose hand stitched running stitch) with a 1 centimetre seam allowance, and iron the seam out flat (so that both the front and back pieces are facing wrong side up). Pin your zip so that it’s face down, and the metal zip runs along the seam.

5. Then it’s time to get sewing with your machine! To start you’ll need to make sure you have your zipper foot attached to your sewing machine, and that when the foot is down that the flat side of the foot is as close to the zip as possible.

The foot that I used has two halves that you can clip onto your sewing machine dependent on what side of the zip you are stitching (I’ve included an image below), but there are a few different styles of foot that you can buy. Make sure to read the back of the packaging for further instructions.

How to Make a Zipped Cushion #Sewing #Homecraft #Campervan

6. Continue to sew until you get to the end of the zip.

7. Then stitch the other side of the zip. To do this you’ll need to un-clip the zipper foot and clip it onto the otherside. Then repeat the same process by sewing all the way along the side of the zip.

8. Using a seam ripper carefully unpick the tacking stitch.

9. Place the pom pom trim in between both pieces of fabric, so that the poms face inwards, then sew the remaining sides of the case using a 1 centimetre seam allowance.

10. Cut diagonally across each of your corners to make sure you get a nice crisp corner when you turn the case outside in.

11. Turn your cover outside in so that it’s the right way out, and then pop your cushion pad into the cover.

How to Make a Zipped Cushion #Sewing #Homecraft #Campervan

How to Make a Zipped Cushion #Sewing #Homecraft #Campervan

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