How to Make a Wool Wrapped Egg

How to Make a Wool Wrapped Egg #wool #wrapped #egg #yarn #Easter #alternative #decoration #gift

If you’re looking for an alternative to a chocolate egg this Easter, why not have a go at a wool wrapped egg? The amount of love and time gone into them is easy to see, and they are just as beautiful – without the calories!

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Paintbrush »
  • Masking tape to sit the egg in to craft
How to Make
1. Use something like a roll of tape to prop your mache egg in. Paint Mod Podge onto the egg and start to wind wool on top.wound-egg-1

2. Continue to wind the wool on and paint Mod Podge over the top as well. You will need to wait for this half to dry and then turn the egg over to complete winding the wool on.


3. Apply brown wool to make branches. Use plenty of Mod Podge to do this.


4. Put a dot of Mod Podge into the middle of the flowers and glue them to the brown wool branches as shown.

Top Tip!…Put the flowers onto the joins of the branches first and then scatter them intermittently along the branches.

How to Make a Wool Wrapped Egg #wool #wrapped #egg #easter #alternative #decoration #floral #spring #mache

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