How to Make a Wool-Wrapped Bunny Head

How to Make a Wool-Wrapped Bunny Head #easter #bunny #mache #rabbit #decoration

Decorate your home in a cosy way this Easter with some snuggly wool and a mache bunny head! This cute little fella can be made in any colour scheme to match your decor and could even be left up all year round as a quirky decoration.

How to Make a Wool-Wrapped Bunny Head

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Starting with the bunny’s nose, choose the colour wool you want to cover it with. I have chosen a white baby yarn to cover mine.

Top Tip! . . .Before wrapping the base with wool you could first paint it with a base colour.

2. Starting at the tip of the nose, apply glue using a glue gun, and stick the wool down, wrapping it around the shape tightly, making sure the head is fully covered.

3. Continue to apply the glue and wrap the wool around the face, until it is fully covered. You may need to do this several times to get a good covering.

4. Next, choose the combination of pom poms you want to cover the bunny’s backing mount with (I used a combination of light brown, white and blue).

5. Secure each pom pom to the mount using a glue gun. Continue until all the mache is covered.

6. Add two tiny black buttons to the head for eyes using the glue gun.

How to Make a Wool-Wrapped Bunny Head #easter #bunny #mache #rabbit #decoration

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