How To Make a Wool Week Bramble Hat

How To Make a Wool Week Bramble Hat #wool #week #bramble #hat #free #pattern #knitting #crochet

To celebrate Wool Week we have got some great bloggers to create a hat pattern using our West Yorkshire Spinners 100% Jacobs wool yarn. Check out my Wool Week Bramble hat pattern below!

How To Make a Wool Week Bramble Hat

Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate

You Will Need


  • K- knit
  • P- purl
  • Inc2- Increase 2 stitches into the next stitch
  • P3tog- purl 3 stitches together
  • St – stitch


How to make

Using 4.5mm needles and yarn A cast on 102sts.

RS: *k1, p1*

WS: *k1, p1*

Continue in rib until work measures 12cm

Change to 5mm needles

WS: Using yarn B purl all sts

Now begin working in pattern as follows

RS: Purl

WS: K1, *inc2 into next st, p3tog* k1

RS: Purl

WS: K1, *p3tog, inc2 into next st*k1

Continue in pattern until work measures 24cm

WS: K1, *p3tog, k1* k1 (62sts)

RS: Purl

WS: K1, *p3tog, k1* p3tog (26sts)

Make up

Thread through the remaining sts on the needles and pull to make sure the top of the hat is gathered in. Secure into place.

With right sides together, use mattress stitch to sew up the seam, making sure to use the correct colour yarn to make the stitching invisible.

Using yarn B make a pompom using the pompom maker. Secure onto the top of the hat.

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