How to Make a Winter Wonderland Teepee

Frozen fever is still going strong, so when we were thinking of a design for one of our white teepees, our first thought was a winter wonderland! Build your very own ice palace to put in a corner of your home – the little ones will love it.

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You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Unpack and assemble your Hobbycraft teepee in a clear area where you have space to get crafty and have fun!!

Top Tip! Lay out some old newspaper on the floor to stand the teepee on before you start painting!!

2. Apply masking tape onto the teepee to create cool effects that will reveal after painting. On ours we made a border near the bottom and near the top and then some fun designs at the very top.

Top Tip! Here is your chance to get creative and create your own “masked” shapes that will stand out after painting.

3. Take your Tulip Colour Shot – Blue – and apply a coat on each side panel of the Teepee. Once the paint is touch dry, take your Tulip Colour Shot – Silver – and a coat on each side panel of the teepee.

4. Now freehand or trace the shape of snow flakes and stars onto the acetate sheets and cut out.

Top Tip! Remember to be super careful when using a craft knife and scissors.

5. Apply some Hobbycraft Repositional Spray adhesive to one side of the acetate and then “stick” the acetate to the teepee where you want to stencil a star or snowflake. The apply Tulip Shimmer paint and remove your acetate stencil. To do the same with Tulip Fabric Glitter repeat the process with the acetate and then apply Tulip Glitter bond to the teepee before shaking Tulip Fabric Glitter onto the Tulip Glitter Bond.

6. Take the Tulip Spray Glitter Diamond and “spritz” a fine glitter frost effect all over the teepee.

7. Take your Tulip 3d Puffy White and have fun placing spots of paint all around the bottom panels of the teepee. After a couple of hours after the Tulip 3d spots have dried take a regular hairdryer on a medium setting and direct the air flow on the Tulip 3d Puffy spots – you will then watch them puff up before your eyes!!

8. Look out for some battery powered white lights and hang them on the top of the teepee for super twinkle!!

Remember to supervise children at all times playing in the teepee when the lights are on the teepee.

How to Make a winter Wonderland Teepee #DIYTeepee #Frozen

How to Make a winter Wonderland Teepee #DIYTeepee #Frozen


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