How to Make a Wedding Memory Box Frame

Remember your special day always with this classy and sentimental wedding memory box frame. Using only a couple of carefully chosen embellishments, you can create your own personalised composition to display proudly in your home. Read the following tutorial for inspiration on how to create your own.

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Paint MDF Ampersand using white acrylic paint and leave to dry

2. Line white box frame using white paper – cut to size using craft knife, cutting mat and metal safety ruler. Stick down with double sided tape

3. Cut printed photograph into a square using a craft knife, cutting mat and metal safety ruler and stick centrally in frame using double sided tape

4. Stick wooden scrabble letters and gold alphabet stickers in a composition around the image

5. Glue down painted MDF ampersand using hot glue gun

6. Embellish with gems to complete composition

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