How to Make a Washi Tape Accent Christmas Card

How to Make a Washi Tape Accent Christmas Card #washi #tape #accent #christmas #card #papercraft

This year washi tape has grown in popularity; which is no surprise as it is such a versatile product and can be used for so many projects!

What better way to show how great washi tape is than by using it to create your very own Washi Christmas card! This make is quick and easy to do, using pretty blues and greys from the Christmas Whisper collection at Hobbycraft.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Choose a selection of blue and silver products for this make that will compliment one another.

Top Tip!

Before sticking anything down, experiment with what works best next to each other as well as the composition of the overall design.


2. Rip and stick strips of washi tape onto the blank card to create the background of the design.

Top Tip!

Ripping the washi tape creates a raw edge effect, but you can also cut the washi tape with scissors if you prefer a straighter edge.


3. Using the A4 card, cut out a small piece that will sit across the top of the washi tape strips. Apply glitter ribbon to the piece of card with double sided tape and trim any excess. Stick double sided tape to the back of this piece of card and then apply this to the card blank.


4. The foam pads will add dimension to the design of the card. Apply these to the back of the die cut tree topper and then stick this onto the card blank.


5. Finish of the Washi Christmas card with a sentiment topper. Use double sided tape to stick this in place.

If you don’t want to use washi tape, you can also create a similar design using ribbons and a topper.

How to Make a Washi Tape Accent Christmas Card #washi #tape #accent #christmas #card #papercraft

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