How to Make a Vintage Floral Headband

If you’re set to say ‘I do’ and after something to wear in your hair that’s a little bit different, this pretty headband offers a stylish alternative to a traditional veil or headpiece – wear your hair long and loose to really show it off.

Wool roving is available in lots of different colours, so there’s no need to worry about it fitting in with your chosen colour scheme . . .

How to by Interiors Stylist and Writer, Joanna Thornhill.

You will need How to make
  1. Take your cord or yarn and wrap it tightly around the front section of the headband until it is totally covered. Fasten at either end with a knot facing the back and  snip off any excess.
  2. Take the roving, this will form your largest flower, and gently twist it at one end. Coil it in on itself until you are happy with its overall size, then cut off the excess.
  3. Concentrating the stitches on one side, hand stitch roughly across the cut end to fasten it to the main body of the flower until the structure feels secure.
  4. Place the button in the middle of the flower, on the side where minimal stitching can be seen, and stitch it into place.
  5. Position on the headband and stitch into place by looping your thread through the centre of the flower (without going all the way through) and around the headband, keeping your stitches tight, until it feels well secured.
  6. Repeat for the other two flowers, adjusting their sizes to best suit the headband.

Top Tip…These flowers would work equally well secured to a fascinator cap or hairslide, if you don’t want to wear a hairband.

How to Make a Vintage Flower Headband #Wedding

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