How to Make a Travel Journal

Travel journals make it super-easy to document your travels on the go. Armed with a few journaling essentials and some nifty pre-made essentials you’ll have everything you need and more to document your well-deserved holiday time.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Tickets Clips & Memorabilia 

I used some of the wooden embellishments and glued them onto paper clips with a hot glue gun to make cute little clips to use in my Travel Notebook. I wrapped some washi around a spare bit of card so I could take it with me to use on the go. I then cut out tickets and interesting shapes from the patterned papers to decorate the inside cover of the Journal. Finally, I used some washi tape and some thread to make bunting to glue to my journal for some added interest.

Travel Journal Wallet/Pocket 

1a. Take one sheet of 12 x 12″ paper and trim to 10 x 12″ (25 x 30.5 cm). Score on the 12-inch side at 8.25 inches and on the 10-inch side at 5 inches.

1b. Mark with a pencil at 1.5 inches from either side of the score line at 5 inches and underneath the score line at 8.25 inches.

1c. Cut out a triangle of paper from where the score lines intersect to the 1.5-inch marks.

2. Fold your wallet up along the 8.25-inch score line and in half on the 5-inch score line. Cut another piece of paper 11 x 5″ and score at 0.5 inches, 5.5 inches and 10.5 inches on the 11-inch side. Fold back the flaps as below and add wet glue then adhere to your wallet behind the flap you cut with the triangle.

3. Use washi tape to tidy up all your edges and to decorate the pocket flaps. Adhere half to the front then fold over to the back.

4. Cut two last pieces of patterned paper at 3.5 x 4.75″ each and adhere to the top of the inside of your wallet pocket. Add washi tape down the centre to taste. Your wallet/pocket is now complete, and you can wrap this around one of your journals to keep tickets, photos and memorabilia in. You can decorate your wallet/pocket with the wooden travel embellishments or clips we have already made.

Travel Journal Layout

1. Take some of your patterned papers – I choose two – a large map and the sepia compass points. I started by cutting a large banner shape from the map paper. Cut at 4 x 7″. Measure 2″ from the bottom of the piece of the paper and two inches up – this will give you the point to cut to for your banner points. I cut four further banners from the same paper, each measuring 1.5 inches across and then I cut them into various lengths.

From the compass paper I cut a rectangle piece at 3.5 x 4.5 inch and then two more of the 1.5-inch width banners. I then cut two more from this paper at 0.75 inch and cut the banner points. I added the words On Our Way with the alphabet stickers.

2. Using my black pen, I drew freehand around the rectangle and the banners and then adhered to my page. I then drew freehand all the way around the outside of the page.

3. I matted my photo onto white card and added to my page. I finished off by adding some of the wooden embellishments.

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