How to Make a Traditional Wool-wrapped Stags Head

How to Decorate a Mache Stags Head #christmas #mache #decor

If you want to make a statement with some impressive wall art this Christmas, why not try out this traditional wool-wrapped stags head? There are so many things you can do with mache bases like painting or even decoupaging with fabric.

This wow-factor make is decorated with a combination of yarn and glitter. It’s a great project to fill a few hours with and will certainly give you some plaiting practise! Pop it on your wall for a festive centrepiece, and save it to display for years to come.

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1. Start by covering one antler at a time with a layer of PVA glue and then sprinkle over the glitter- you may need to do this in two stages. Leave to dry, then cover each antler in another layer of PVA to seal all of the glitter in place.

Top Tip! If you find there are some gaps in your glitter coverage, simply cover the area in PVA and re-glitter. Allow to dry and then seal with a layer of PVA.

2. To cover the base of the stag head, repeat step one, making sure you apply another layer of PVA to seal the glitter in place once the first layer has dried.

3. Whilst that’s all drying, plait your yarn using three strands. You’ll need quite a lot (the amount will depend on the thickness of your yarn) so keep plaiting until you can plait no more!

4. Once the base of the stags head is dry, start applying the plaited yarn using a glue gun. I covered mine in sections so that the yarn ran in different directions, but you can choose how you apply yours. The possibilities are endless with the patterns you can create! Continue to glue the yarn as you go, making sure to be extra careful of fingers as the glue gun will be hot.

5. Once the entire stags head is covered, slot in the antlers (you may need to secure these using the glue gun), and then hang in pride of place on your wall!

How to Make a Wool-wrapped Stags Head #christmas #mache #decor

How to Make a Wool-wrapped Stags Head #christmas #mache #decor

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