How to Make a Traditional Prelit Advent

How to Make a Traditional Prelit Advent #traditional #advent #calendar #prelit #LED #diy #christmas #red #green #craft

Create a beautiful traditional style advent calendar using our classic prelit advent calendar blank. Adding foam ’tiles’ to the roof and wooden wreath toppers helps create texture for a truly luxurious feeling project.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Take all the drawers out. Paint the advent house with white paint. You do not need to paint the very top of the roof. Paint a second coat once dry.


2. Take drawers 14,17, 20 and 23 away and paint the drawer handles of the other drawers white (you may need to do a second coat). Once dry paint the fronts of these drawers red. Do a second coat of red if necessary.



3. Paint drawers 14,17, 20 and 23 grey. Remove the handles from drawers 14 and 17 and re-stick them to the right of where they were.


4. Using a very fine pointed brush and white paint, paint the numbers onto the red drawers. Put smaller numbers onto the grey drawers as shown and then insert the grey drawers and add grey in between the drawers to give the effect of a door. Paint the handles of drawers 14 and 17 white.


5. Carefully paint the stars, trees and reindeer in the colours of your choice. Try hard not to go over the edge or onto the backing. Paint the front edge of the roof grey.


6. The garland effect at the top was done with a small pointed paintbrush building up dots of green and then red.

Top Tip!

Dab the paint on to the features at the top using a flat brush.


7. Cut long strips of the grey foam about 1cm wider than the depth of the roof. Cut the strips into pieces about 3-4 cm wide. Cut one piece twice this width. Starting at the bottom of the roof apply the strips as shown using all purpose glue. Leave a gap at the top of the roof for the ridge. Repeat this up the other side of the roof and then put the double width piece at the top as in the above picture.

Top Tip!

Check that the edges of the roof tiles are stuck down well. If not, apply more glue.



8. Glue the wreaths onto the front of the doors, covering the holes made by repositioning the handles. 

How to Make a Traditional Prelit Advent #traditional #advent #calendar #prelit #LED #diy #christmas #red #green #craft


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