How to Make a Traditional Advent Tree

Follow this simple tutorial to find out how to decorate your Wooden Advent Tree in traditional colours, making a timeless, reusable and traditional advent that you can use year after year. Why not create a handmade advent calendar for your child or relative? An excellent alternative to the one-use advent calendars – and you can choose what’s placed behind each door!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1.  Take all the drawers out. Paint the front and sides of the advent in chalky paint as a base coat, Paint the fronts of the drawers (including the handles). and the side and top edges of the drawer fronts.



2. Paint the main body of the advent in dark green. You will need to do several coats of this. Paint half the drawers with white acrylic paint. When dry paint the handles red.



3. Paint the other half of the drawers red, leaving the handles white.



4. Using a gold pen, number the drawers. Alternatively, use adhesive numbers.

Top tip! You may find it easier to number the drawers in pencil first and then go over this with the gold pen.



5. Glue the star in place a the top of the advent.



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