How to Make a Toy Watch

How to Make a Toy Watch #kids #craft #activities #halfterm

This is a great way for kids to practise telling the time, moving the hands themselves to practise different times. We’ve used card for our watch strap but you could also use felt if you want it to be a little bit softer.

Skill Level : Beginners
Time to Make One hour

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Cut one of the silver paper chain strips from the Big Bag in half. Then draw around a lid (about 5cm diameter) onto strips of green and white card. Cut out the green circle, then cut the white one a little bit smaller.

big bag toy watch 2

2. Draw the numbers of a clock onto the white piece to create your watch face. Find the centre point and mark with a pin onto the face.

big bag toy watch 4

3. Hole punch a scrap of black card, then draw a circle around the hole and add a 2cm long stick. Cut out to create the big hand for the watch. Repeat to create the small hand, but make it about 1.5cm long. Attach to the watch face.

big bag toy watch 5

big bag toy watch 6

4. Attach double sided tape to the back of the face and stick it onto the coloured circle, then tape this into the centre of the silver strip.

big bag toy watch 7

big bag toy watch 8

5. Now wrap the strap round your child’s wrist and attach it with velcro at the right length. Trim off the excess.

big bag toy watch 9

And you’re done!

big bag toy watch 11

big bag toy watch 10

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