How to Make a Tattered Lace Big Fern Card

How to Make a Tattered Lace Big Fern Card #TatteredLace #CardMaking #Papercraft

Make an extra special card for the one you love with this beautiful three dimensional die cut card, embellished with ferns and flowers . . .

How to Make a Tattered Lace Big Fern Card

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  1. Using the Haddon Die, outer rectangle, cut four from white cardstock. Save the inner rectangles for future projects. Score and fold each frame in half.
  2. Glue the back of the left half of one frame to the back of the right half of another. Repeat with the other two frames.
  3. Using the Haddon die, inner rectangle, cut four from green pearl card. Trim the corner sections out and snip into the design to create 8 decorative pieces approximately 5 centimetres in length. Add a little glue to the edges and coat with glitter.
  4. Cut two 6cm squares from white cardstock. Stamp a sentiment centrally into this piece. Glue one green decorative piece from step three to each edge of the square to frame it.
  5. Cut a length of invisible thread to approximately 3 centimetres longer than the height of the frame. Secure the two decorative frames together with double sided tape, making sure that you catch the invisible thread in between them as shown.
  6. Place double sided tape across the top and bottom of one ‘pair’ of frames and use this to catch the invisible thread down the centre line so that it hangs in the centre of the apertures.
  7. Secure the two halves of the card together by gluing the flat sides of the frames together.
  8. Using the Big Fern die, cut two from green pearl card. Position the card on the table so that the sentiment is facing towards you when it is hanging. Glue the two ferns to the bottom of this side.
  9. Finish with paper flower and pearl embellishments as shown.

How to Make a Tattered Lace Big Fern Card #TatteredLace #CardMaking #Papercraft

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