How to Make a Symone Quilt

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle

Looking for a sewing project to fill your weekend? The Symone quilt is a stunning pieced quilt made of simple triangle shapes, that come together to produce a pretty quilt in less than a week! Swap in your own fabrics for a more individual and personalised look.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time to Make: 18 hours/weekend project

You Will Need
Craft Essentials How to Make

Making The Templates
1. Draw the patterns for the triangle (A) and half triangle (B) from the download, following sizes indicated, onto pattern paper then cut out templates.

2. Use Triangle A template to cut a total of 77 triangles. Cut 14 half triangles with Half Triangle B template, using the diagram as a guide.

Top Tip! . . . Some fabric designs are directional. Use the direction you prefer or mix some for variety.

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle


3. Cut 5 strips measuring 2 ½ inches x width of fabric (wof).


4. Fat Quarter Backing – Cut 1 Fat Quarter in 2 pieces, each 9 inches x 21 inches, trim minimally if necessary.

5. Lay out eleven “A” triangles and two “B” half triangles in seven rows as shown or as desired (Dia. A).

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle

6. Matching sides as shown, pin triangles right sides together (RST) and sew (Dia. B).

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle

Top Tip! . . .Sew triangles in pairs, then join pairs to make the row. Check often to be sure triangles are in the right order.

7. Press seam allowances open. Each row should measure 6 ½ inches x 36 inches.

8. Sew rows RST matching points; press seams toward the bottom (Dia. C).

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle

9. To make backing, sew together in rows, then join to make a back approximately 41 ½ inches x 44 inches (Dia. D). Press seams to one side.

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle


10. Lay quilt backing on a flat surface wrong side up. Center wadding and then quilt top right side up, smoothing each layer. Pin or spray baste the three layers together.

11. Using an even-feed foot, follow diagonal lines to quilt ¼ inch away from triangle seams on both angled sides. Add additional lines in the ditch between rows, or as desired (Dia. E).

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle

12. Trim wadding and backing even with quilt top; check for square corners.

13. Sew short ends of five binding strips RST to make a continuous length; press seams open. Press one short end ¼ inch to the wrong side. Fold in half lengthwise with wrong sides together; press.

14. Leaving a 2 inch tail on the folded end, sew binding to front of quilt edges and fold in miters at corners. Overlap ends, trim any excess and finish sewing binding. Fold to back side of quilt to encase cut edges and sew binding in place (Dia. F).

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle

How to Make a Symone Quilt #quilt #intermediate #symone #triangle

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