How to Make a Summer Scrapbook Layout

How to Make a Summer Scrapbook Layout #summer #scrapbook #layout #papercraft

Keep track of all those special summer memories with a beautiful summer scrapbook layout – perfect for kids, couples and dream holidays! 

Tutorial by Lianne Springer.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. Soak your printer paper in water, screw it up into a ball and squeeze out excess water. Unfold the paper and leave to try.

2. Take your darkest blue paper, place your ruler along the length and tear off a strip approximately 5 inches tall.

3. Using the same method, tear narrower strips of paper from your other blue paper and from the dry printer paper

4. Place your blue and white paper on the yellow beige sheet, layer the colours to look like ocean waves. Once you are happy with your arrangement, glue down on to the beige paper.

5. Spell out your page title with your letter stickers on the top of your page

6. Prepare your photographs and journal text by mounting them on coloured paper or tearing the edges for a rustic, beachy look.

7. Begin by affixing your text with apiece of washi tape. Place the tape along the entire length of the page which will tie all of the elements together

8. Arrange the rest of the elements on your page and stick down when you are happy with the arrangement.

Top Tips
– Groups of three are visually appealing – three photographs are used in this sample to create balance on the page.
– Add texture and a natural, organic look by tearing and crinkling your paper.
– Layer your elements to add depth to your page. Embellishments look more natural when they overlap your photographs.
– Do not use too many elements, they key to good design is to draw the ye to the most important pieces, in this case, the photographs.

How to Make a Summer Scrapbook Layout #summer #scrapbook #layout #papercraft

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