How to Make a Summer Chocolate Cake

How to Make a Summer Chocolate Cake

A scrumptious treat that’s great for summer or winter, this summer chocolate cake is the only reason you need to have a celebration.  Tasty chocolate layers are stacked between colourful stars, dots and rosettes…making this cake a stunning centrepiece to any birthday, anniversary or celebration. Best of all, you can customise this cake to fit any occasion. Simply change the icing colours to make a cake perfect for Christmas, Halloween or Easter.

You Will Need
*Combine Lemon Yellow and Orange icing colours to get yellow colour shown.  Combine Rose and Royal Blue icing colours to get light pink colour shown.  Combine Pink with Red-Red icing colour to get dark pink colour shown.  Combine Orange and Red-Red icing colours to get orange colour shown.
Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Prepare sponge batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool sponge layers.

2. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe instructions. Tint 240g icing light pink and 240g icing each yellow, dark pink and orange following colour combinations provided.

3. Prepare decorating bag with coupler and light pink icing. Using tip 12, starting about 5cm (2 in.) from edge of first sponge layer, fill in centre of cake; smooth with palette knife.

4. Prepare three decorating bags with couplers. Fill each bag with 120g of one colour. Prepare five additional decorating bags with tips 1M, 2A and 4B. Fill each with 120g of remaining colors. Alternating bags, pipe a variety of stars, dots and rosettes around edge of sponge layer; top with next sponge layer.

5. Repeat process, filling in centre of sponge layer with light pink icing and decorating edge of sponge layer, until all layers are complete. For top layer, leave centre of cake plain and pipe stars, dots and rosettes around edge.

How to Make a Summer Chocolate Cake

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