How to Make a Stamped Mother’s Day Card

Stamping is making a big comeback for 2018, and with oodles of layered stamp designs to choose from and mix and match there’s no end to the projects that can be whipped up! This delightful Mother’s Day card uses layered stamping techniques to create a beautiful bouquet that can be popped through the letterbox (the box card folds flat for easy postage) and displayed all year round.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Cut two panels of white cardstock measuring 19cm wide by 13cm tall. Score one vertically at 1cm and 7cm, then horizontally at 7cm. Make vertical cuts along the score lines from the top of the panel to the score line. Cut away the top part of the 1cm flap.

2. Repeat with the second panel but this time only score horizontally to the 7cm point.

3. Using a glue stick, adhere the wood-effect paper to the cardstock, making sure to cover both sides. Once dry, round the corners of all the flaps with a corner punch. These two panels will form the main body of your pop-up box card.


4. Partly glue the box card together with the flaps folding down at the front and sides and positioning the tall panel at the back. Leave the front open for the moment

5. Stamp “Thank You Mum for all you do” onto white cardstock using the Hampton Art Clear Stamps and Dovecraft Mum in a Million stamp. Round the corners with a craft punch, then mat and layer onto a piece of aqua cardstock. Punch holes either side of the panel and use thread to attach to the front flap of the box card. For extra security use foam squares on the back of the sentiment panel.

6. Stamp assorted sizes and colours of flowers and leaves using the stamp sets. Use the solid stamps to add a second colour to the flowers and the detail stamps for the centres and leaf veins. Fussy cut out.


7. Create strips of grass from green cardstock by trimming thin V shaped cuts along the edge. Repeat with several shades of green.


8. Using 3D foam squares add leaves and flowers to the back of the card, add a strip of grass at the base. Glue grass around the inside edges of the card.


9. Cut a 14 cm by 4 cm panel of green card, score at 1 cm from each edge and cut away 3 cm to leave a small tab. Add flowers and leaves as before.

10. Repeat step 9 with a 2.5 cm strip of card. Glue the flower borders and grass strips into the body of the card using the tabs on the ends.


11. Finally glue the front of the card together and add gems to the flower centres to finish.

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