How to Make a Sprayed Web Pumpkin

How to Make a Sprayed Web Pumpkin #sprayed #web #pumpkin #halloween #decoration #alternative #diy

Halloween doesn’t always have to be about garish colours and scary scenes – use autumnal colours to soften the look of decorations, and create home decor that you can keep around all autumn if you want to. I love simple and quick projects when it comes to decorations, and this sprayed web pumpkin is beyond achievable for even the most nervous of beginners!

You Will Need
  • Ceramic pumpkin »
  • Yellow spray paint – available in store
  • Orange spray paint – available in store
Craft Essentials
How to Make
  1. Start by preparing your workspace. You will need to find an area outside to spray  your pumpkin, that is well-ventilated and not too close to anything that you accidentally paint it too! 
  2. Lay down some newspaper – a few sheets will do. You may need to weigh these down so they don’t blow around.
  3. Prepare your web design on the pumpkin. Cut off strips of masking tape about 15cm long, then cut these strips into 4 across the width of the tape, so you end up with 4 pieces of long thin tape.
  4. Stick these long pieces of tape into a rough ‘star’ shape – start by making a ‘+’ and then add in two diagonal strips in between the lines.
  5. To create the web effect, cut some more strips that are the same width as before, but make them much shorter, just long enough to connect across in between the long strands of tape.
  6. Starting from the centre, stick these down to create a sort of hexagon shape all the way around the star you have created, roughly 2-3cm from the middle. 
    pumpkin side
  7. Create another 1-2 ‘hexagons’ on your star to make a full web. Make sure the ends of all the short pieces sit on top of another piece of tape and don’t cover part of the ceramic or you’ll be left with random blank spaces! If you want to add more than one web, repeat the above steps on another area of your pumpkin.
  8. Take your pumpkin outside, and start to spray! Begin with the yellow spray paint, and test your pressure on a piece of newspaper or card before you begin. You want to aim for a gentle amount of pressure, and use short, light sprays to build up colour, otherwise the paint will start to drip.
  9. Spray over your masking tape design – the patchier the better! Leave to dry for 10 minutes or so.
  10. Add your orange spray paint to build up colour difference, following what you did in step 8 and 9. Leave to dry and touch up with any extra colour if you need to.
  11. Peel off your masking tape and there you go!

How to Make a Sprayed Web Pumpkin #sprayed #web #pumpkin #halloween #decoration #alternative #diy

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