How to Make a Sophisticated Advent Train

How to Make a Sophisticated Advent Train #sophisticated #adult #train #advent #calendar #diy #home #decoration #painted #craft #christmas

Trains are often associated with little boys and girls, but they don’t have to be just for the kids – this sophisticated advent train is a perfect make for adults that fancy an advent that’s a little bit fun. The neutral colours mixed with muted reds and greens offer a traditional feel with a sleek, modern twist.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Unscrew the wheels and take the chains off to take the train apart. If possible, remove the front of the train and other parts (it is glued on but you can re glue afterwards).


2. Paint the train in white paint to prime it and provide a key for the coloured layers that you will do next.


3. You will need to separate the drawers into 4 groups of 6. Using green, red, buff and white, paint the fronts of the drawers so that you have six of each colour. Make sure that you paint the drawer handles too. You should build up a number of layers in order to get a good flat finish.


4. Paint the carriage bodies buff on the sides and bottom. Carefully paint the tops red. You will need to do several layers of both colours in order to get a good finish.


5. The engine is painted in different colours in the way shown in the picture. This is tricky, and you will need a steady hand. A small flat brush makes it easier to paint straight lines. If you do slip you can paint over the mistake.

Top Tip!

It is definitely worth trying to take the engine apart in order to paint it as there are some tricky nooks and crannies that are difficult to get a paint brush into.


6. Santa: paint the red first and pink for the head (mix red and white). Use a stiff brush to dab on the white fur on Santa’s coat. Paint the facial features on as shown. Stick the engine back together if necessary.


7. Put the drawers in to the carriages. Stick the toppers to the drawers using the all purposed glue. Think about distributing them evenly so that you don’t have the same colours and shapes next to each other.


8. Draw out your chosen words onto the top of the carriages in pencil. Draw over in gold pen.

Top Tip!

You could copy out the words in a computer font and trace them onto the top of the carriages if you don’t feel confident about drawing them out by hand.


9. Replace the wheels and chains.

How to Make a Sophisticated Advent Train #sophisticated #adult #train #advent #calendar #diy #home #decoration #painted #craft #christmas


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