How to Make a Snowman Wreath

Let the kids get involved in some wreath making this year, with a fun snowman wreath! This guy is easily achievable as he already comes in the right shape base, simply add felt and buttons for a Christmas character to adorn your door this Christmas!

Instructions by Angela Gilbert.


You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. For the hat, cut a square 16cm x 16cm from the black felt.

2. Cut a strip 7cm x 29cm for the brim, and glue onto the front of the square with an even amount each side.

3. Add a strip of red felt 3cm x 16cm to the front, above the rim, and glue in place.

4. Glue a button onto the red strip. 5. Glue the hat onto the wreath where the hat shape is placed.


How to Make a Snowman Wreath #christmas #wreath #snowman #kids #beginner #easy


6. For the mittens, cut two of the patterns in the contrast red colour to match and glue onto the main body of the wreath.

How to Make a Snowman Wreath #christmas #wreath #snowman #kids #beginner #easy


7. Cut fabric into a rectangle and hem around the edges with a 5mm seam allowance, then sew through the middle from bottom to top and pull to gather and tie to form a bow tie shape. Attach bow tie to the neck with the thread and glue to secure. 8. Finish by making a bow and glue to the gloves.


How to Make a Snowman Wreath #christmas #wreath #snowman #kids #beginner #easy

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