How to Make a Snow Cool Slider Card

Take your Christmas card making to the next level, with this oh-so-cute fox slider card, complete with stamped background, felt trees and glittery snowy hills! simply pull the tab on the left-hand side of the card and watch the adorable little critter skate across the bottom of your card.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
1. Begin by creating the sky by stamping the stamping block once with the dark blue ink pad. Mix all the ink with a little water, and spread over the block. Press down onto the inky water with a white card blank to produce a light coloured, inky, sky effect. Set aside to dry.

Top tip – If you don’t have a 5 x 7″ stamping block, simply repeat the above process with any size stamping block until the top half of the card blank is covered.

2. Cut the glitter card to create two hilly scene panels in fit the card blank. The first, furthest panel comes just above half way, and the second closer panel sits slightly lower than the first to create distant snowy hills. Apply 3D foam squares to the back of the glittered hill panels, and fix into place on the card front.

3. Cut the frozen lake panel for the foreground from a sheet of pale blue cardstock. Make this at least 3.5 cm high at the lowest point to allow room for the moving mechanism. Lightly cover the front surface with glue from a glue stick, and adhere a sheet of vellum over the top – don’t worry about the glue showing through once it has dried, this adds to the icy effect.

4. Using a craft knife and metal ruler, cut a fine 2 mm slot across the front. Measure 2 cm from the bottom of the card, and about 2 cm from either end, to position the slot.

5. To create the moving mechanism, first score a couple of lines onto a spare piece of white card about 3 mm apart. Using the medium palm punch, cut two discs keeping the score lines running across the centre. Fold each disc in half, forming a thin spine. Using tacky glue, fix the two spines together to make a kind of toggle. Set aside to dry.

6. Trim a piece of spare stiff card into a long tab almost the width of the card by 17 mm wide. Punch a white disc to match the tab, by using the large palm punch, and glue in place. Write ‘PULL’ with an arrow on the disc using the fine black pen. With the toggle open, apply tacky glue to one circular surface and fix onto the right-hand side of the tab just in from the end. Keep the spine of the toggle horizontal so it can be fed into the slot. 

7. Add the distant felt trees to the front of the card, tucking the bottom of the trunks under the glittered card.

8. Remove the sentiment from the sheet of pre-cut chunky stickers, and adhere onto the sky between the trees. 

9. Close the top half of the toggle flat and insert it into the back of the prepared slot in the frozen lake panel. Open it out again, and ensure the toggle and tab can run freely along the slot. On the reverse side, add foam pads or tape around the closed tab to form a runner. Remove the backing tape and fix onto the bottom of the card.

10. Finish off the design by adding a few more trees and the on-looking fox in the centre. Remove the foam pad from the skating fox and fix it onto the front of the toggle using tacky glue. When completely dry, the skating fox should skate freely across the card when pulling the tab, and you might well get some sound effects too!

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