How to Make a Set of Needle Felted Baubles

These needle felted baubles would look simply beautiful hanging from your tree this year! Needle felting is a brilliant new craft to pick up, and with it you can make all sorts of creations. Follow the tutorial below by needle felting expert Ann Brown, who talks you through the process of creating a set of decadent baubles.

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Decadent Bauble 1

1. Take small amounts of red roving and felt around the bauble. Use the needle in  straight downward strokes to adhere the wool to the bauble.

2. Next take a section of white roving and felt around the top of the bauble for contrast. Using the needle and thread stitch X’s around the top. Keep the stitches loose so as not to pull the wool.

3. Mark out with pins on the front of the bauble the shape of a star. Stitch long running stitches. Then stitch smaller running stitches between the points of the star and repeat again on the outside edge. Repeat on the other side.

4. Optional, insert a sequin pin and sequin into the centre of your star for a touch of sparkle.


Decadent Baubles 2

1. Take small amounts of White roving and felt around the bauble using small straight downward strokes to adhere the wool to the form.

2. Using the red roving felt around the top. Any white showing through can be covered up easily by using small amounts of red wool and felting in place. Take white embroidery thread and stitch X’s around the top using long running stitches. Do not pull too tight as it will pull the wool.

3. Find the middle of your bauble and stitch a star again using running stitches. With pins mark out a diamond shape around the star points. A ruler can help you here.

4. Stitch long running stitches to each pin point to outline the diamond. Remove pins. In the middle of each side and in the corners of your diamond stitch upside down V’s.

5. Under each V needle felt small dogs of red roving by pushing into place with the needle then twirl the wool around the needle and like into the middle. Repeat process on the other side.

6. Optional – place a Sequin using a sequin pin into the centre for added sparkle.


Decadent Baubles 3

1. Cover the bauble in a base colour of white roving. Felt carefully using the needle as they are very sharp. Use straight downward strokes to adhere the wool to the form so as not to break your needle.

2. Draw or trace the Stags head into tracing paper. Cut out. Pin the stencil into the centre of your baubles and felt into it with the navy roving. Remove pins and stencil neaten the edges by gently felting around the shape.

3. Add Antlers by taking small strands and rolling them between the palms of your hands to make long sausage shapes. Felt these into your antlers. Snip off the ends if too long.

4. Take small amounts of red roving and felt four small balls in a flower. For the flower centre mix a little navy and white roving and felt a fifth ball into the middle. Felt flowers on the neck and antlers.

5. Optional on the back of the bauble Felt a flower and tendrils.

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