How to Make a Santa and Reindeer Card

How to Make a Santa & Reindeer Card #santa #reindeer #card #modern #christmas #card #making #papercraft

Fancy making some fun Christmas cards this year? Have a go at this fun santa and reindeer card, featuring a very cool santa and a very cuddly reindeer!

By Lianne Springer

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Trim the green patterned backing paper to fit the size of your card blank.

2. Flip the paper over so that the underside is showing. Using your ruler, find the centre of the square and mark with a large cross.

3. Take a glass tumbler and place over the cross in the centre of the paper. Carefully cut around the tumbler using your craft knife so that you are left with an empty circle.

4. Cut out the square Santa Clause paper topper. Attach foam pads in the corner of the square and stick to the underside of your green backing paper. You should be left with the topper recessed in the centre of the hole in the backing paper, giving a nice 3d effect.

5. Cut a strip of red dotty paper, ½ inch tall x 6 inches wide. Attach foam pads or foam tape across the back and stick down on your green backing paper.

6. Apply glue to the green backing paper and stick to your card blank.

7. Finish with a felt reindeer topper.

How to Make a Santa & Reindeer Card #santa #reindeer #card #modern #christmas #card #making #papercraft

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