How to Make a Rustic Star Wreath

How to Make a Rustic Star Wreath

Create a bit of rustic charm for the festive season and make this beautiful silver rustic star wreath with only a few craft supplies. You can use any size base to suit you – just make sure you have enough stars to cover the area properly or it will look a bit sparse!

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1. Dab a thin layer of silver paint onto one side of each star using a stencil brush. Try not to get any paint on the sides. Wipe any off if you do. Leave to dry.

Top Tip!

Put the smallest amount of paint on the stencil brush that you can. It often helps to swirl the brush around on a palette first to ensure that there is not too much paint on it.

2. Do a second coat of silver to make sure that the stars are evenly and completely covered. If necessary you may need to do a third coat.

3. Select some of the smaller and medium stars. Cut some of the wire pieces in half using your wire cutters and glue the end of the wire on to the back of the stars that you have selected.

4. You will now need to attach the ‘stars on wires’ to make them look like shooting stars coming out of the wreath. Do this by pushing the other end of the wire through the wreath from front to back, trimming any excess wire off. Bend the wire flat to the wreath at the back and glue into place. Make sure that these shooting stars all go in the same direction and vary the length of the wires.

Top Tip!

Be generous with the glue on the back to make sure that the shooting stars are attached properly.

When using the glue gun, apply a small ‘blob’ of glue and then pull the gun away quickly and sharply to avoid leaving an end.

5. Using the glue gun, start with the largest stars and attach them evenly around the wreath. Fill in the gaps with the medium stars and then use the smaller stars. Overlap stars where you can.

How to Make a Rustic Star Wreath

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