How to Make a Road Trip Scrapbook Layout

Road trips are great fun and no doubt you’ll take lots of photos and pick up lots of ephemera along the way! This double page road trip scrapbook spread is the perfect way to document your trip photos and memories along with a handy pocket to store all the leaflets and tickets you want to keep. The first side has a stitched map showing the route of the road trip; with photos and letter stickers highlight memorable places you visited. The second side has a concealed pocket for ephemera and by printing the photos small you can fit lots in, and still have room for journaling!

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Gather your supplies; spiral bound scrapbook album, 12 x 12” papers, letter stickers, mini letter stickers, glitter tape and craft essentials.

2. Print your photos small, you are likely to have lots of your trip and this way you’ll be able to use lots. I choose a contact sheet option I had on my printing software. Choose a few highlight photos and print them larger.

3. Find a map that covers your road trip journey either by using an old map or by finding one on the internet and print on to thin white card / thick white paper (as thick as your printer will allow).

4. Use a pin or paper piercing tool to prick holes through the map to show the route of the road trip. Double over a length of red cotton thread and sew through the holes using a back stitch.

5. Choose two 12 x 12” papers and cut them both in half so that you have four 12 x 6” pieces, then trim the side edge to give you an even border all around. Use a craft knife or paper trimmer.

6. Glue the top piece of patterned paper (the plaid) to both sides of your double page spread first. On the left hand spread, glue the bottom piece of patterned paper in place so that it overlaps the top paper. Make sure you have an even border all around the outer edge.

7. On the right hand spread, put double sided tape along three edges (the two short sides and the bottom). Glue into position, it will look the same as the left side, but there will be a pocket in which to put your ephemera from the trip.

8. Place a strip of glitter tape on the plaid paper (top paper) along the join of the two papers. Place two strips of thin glitter tape below this on the woodgrain paper (the lower paper).

9. Glue the map on the left hand spread and add the title of your trip with medium sized letter stickers.

10. Arrange the larger photos around the map on the left hand spread and glue them in place. Add place names below the photos with mini letter stickers.

11. Type your journaling and print on to light coloured patterned paper or white card so that it fills three rows. Trim the journaling into three long strips.

12. On the right hand spread, add the countries in mini letters stickers below the glitter tapes as a secondary title.

13. Cut out the small photos and glue them in rows, with a journaling strip positioned between each row. Finally add your ephemera into the large pocket.

Top tip! When using a spiral bound scrapbook album it’s best to not to use anything too bulky, like thick letter stickers. The black puffy letter stickers used in this album aren’t very bulky and therefore provide eye catching definition without the bulk.

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