How to Make a Reversible Knitting Bag

How to Make a Reversible Knitting Bag #sewing #bag #easy #knitting

This is a handy bag in which to keep your knitting, and it would make an equally stylish baby bag, beach bag or handbag! Turn it inside out and you have a different look; making this a two-in-one bag for a lady on the go!

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • A saucer to use as a template and a pencil
How to Make
  1. For the handles, take each long strip of fabric and press in half lengthways. Press the two long sides inwards, fold in half so you don’t see the raw edges, and top stitch down both sides.
  2. Take all four bag sections, draw round the saucer on each bottom corner and cut to round off the corners.
  3. Lay a top strip of fabric onto your table. Place the bottom section underneath; it will of course be wider. Pinch four pleats at equal distance from the centre of the bottom section, until it is the same width as the top. Pin.
  4. Do the same with all four sides, keeping the pleats in the same place on each section. Sew across the top of the pleats to keep them in place when the pins come out, then neatly top stitch about 3in (7.5cm) down each pleat.
  5. Pin the handles to the top of each pattern 1 side, in line with the pleats, facing inwards.
  6. Sew one side of pattern 1 to one side of pattern 2, right sides together, across the top. Repeat with the second side.
  7. Place the two bag sections right sides together, pattern 1 to pattern 1 and pattern 2 to pattern 2.
  8. Sew all the way round, leaving a gap of about 3in (7.6cm) at the base for turning. Snip into the curves to make the seams lie flat.
  9. Turn the bag the right way out, and sew across the opening with a ladder stitch (see page 13).
  10. Push one side of the bag inside the other, and press.
  11. Turn inside out for a different look! Decorate with a yo-yo attached with a safety pin so that you can pin it to either side.

How to Make a Reversible Knitting Bag #sewing #bag #easy #knitting

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