How to Make a Realistic Needle Felted Rabbit

Create a subtle, realistic rabbit decoration for you home this spring by following the tutorial below by needle felter Rosie Gittens. This simple step-by-step is perfect for beginners, and will allow the creation of a beautiful, folky decorative addition to any home.

You Will Need How to Make

1. Using a pencil or pen (blunt end) make indents into the eyes.       

2. Now take your 10mm eyes and twist them into the indents. Make sure they lie flat.

Top tip! You could also use 10mm beads, just add a little glue to prevent them falling out.      

3. Roll some of your flesh or pink wool in the palms of your hand, so it forms a strip, and felt into the indented mouth and the nose area.

4. Now felt some flesh or pink wool to cover the chest area.

5. Using either a beige or grey wool, felt to cover the entire body and ears. Make sure to felt all the crevices well. This will give more shape and definition to your piece.     


6. Try to distribute the wool evenly over the rabbit to give a smooth appearance.

That’s it! You’ve finished your felted Rabbit!

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