How to Make a Rattan Christmas Wreath

 Get a hearty rustic look to your Christmas decorations with sprays of holly berries and mini pine cones on a twig base. A great look for a more minimalist  Christmas style, and the simple colour scheme goes well with Scandinavian style decorations, prints and patterns.

How to by Caroline Giles

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  1. Cut the clusters of berries from the stem of the garland.
  2. Plan the arrangement before securing to the wreath.
  3. Pull off some of the berries at the end of the stem, put on a good dab of glue and push firmly into the wreath.
  4. Continue to attach the berries until the sprays are full at both ends. Fill in the middle with the wired cones. Dab some glue on the wire at the base of the cones and push into the wreath. Leave enough of a gap to attach the ribbon.
  5. Arrange and stick the toadstools into the wreath, using the same method as above.
  6. To finish the wreath, tie a bow with some festive ribbon.

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