How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake

How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake #rainbowcake #layercake #cake

Rainbow and ombre cakes continue to dominate the world of baking, and now it’s easier than ever before to create a picture perfect cake with the help of Wham and Wilton food gels. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which five colours to settle on – a much harder task than you might think!

Suitable for: Beginners


1. Start by following the recipe on the back of the box to make the sponges.

Top Tip!.. If you would like to have quite large layers double the mixture.

2. Once you have your mixture weigh it out and then evenly divide it between five bowls. My total mixture weighed 1138 grams, which divided by five came to a fraction over 227 grams.

How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake #rainbowcake #layercake #cake

3. Cover the end of a cocktail stick with your chosen food gel and submerge into the mixture, wiping any excess off with a silicone spoon. Mix the gel through the mixture until you have an even colour throughout. Repeat this process with the remaining four mixtures.

4. Before popping the mixture into the tins, grease and line the bottoms with baking parchment. So that you know which sponge is which after baking, write the colour on the parchment with a pencil and place in the tin so that the writing is face down.

How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake #rainbowcake #layercake #cake

5. Spoon the mixtures into each of the prepared tins.

How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake #rainbowcake #layercake #cake

6. Pop into the oven as per the instructions on the back of the box. Once a skewer inserted comes out clean remove the sponges from the oven and leave to cool.

7. To assemble the cake place a small blob of vanilla frosting onto a cake board and place your bottom tier on top – this will help to hold the sponge in place whilst you’re decorating it.

8. Spread an even layer of frosting on top of the tier and then add the next one on top. Continue in this way until all of the layers have been added.

Top Tip!…You may need to level the top of your sponges off if they’re a little domed. To do this use a bread knife.

9. Crumb coat the top and sides of the cake and pop into the fridge to firm up for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

10. Cover the entire cake in a generous helping of frosting, using a palette knife to get a nice smooth edge.

11. Working quickly apply sprinkles and edible gold stars to the top of the cake around the outside edge. Scatter a few sprinkles and stars into the centre of the cake. Then leave in a safe place to set.

 How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake #rainbowcake #layercake #cake

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