How to Make a Quilted Christmas Stocking

As it’s November, and the evenings are getting shorter, I’m beginning to prepare for Christmas – and when I saw a pack of Christmas fat quarters in the shop I knew just what I wanted to make – a Christmas Stocking.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Hand needles
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • One paper template of a stocking


How to Make
  1. Draw a template for the stocking on an A4 sheet of paper – my stocking measures 26 cm high and 17 cm wide (you can find templates to copy on the internet.)
  2. Choose two of the fabrics for the stocking and the lining, and another fabric for the star.
  3. Cut out one pair of stockings in each of the stocking fabrics, and the wadding.
  4. Fuse the small piece of Bondaweb to the wrong side of the star fabric.How to Make a Quilted Christmas Stocking #ChristmasStocking #SewingPattern
  5. Using the die and the Big Shot die-cut one large star, and remove the backing paper
  6. Lay stocking outers onto the wadding, and pin together
  7. Place the star on the front of the stocking, fuse in place and then stitch all around, through the fabric and wadding.How to Make a Quilted Christmas Stocking #ChristmasStocking #SewingPattern
  8. Lay the stocking front and back right side together and stitch the front edge together for about 8cm, then stitch ric-rac across the stocking about 1.5cm from the top edge.
  9. Cut an 8cm piece of the same ric-rac, pin and stitch it to the top edge on the back of the stocking, 1.5cm from the back, to create a loop.How to Make a Quilted Christmas Stocking #ChristmasStocking #SewingPattern
  10. Finish stitching the stocking together, leaving the top edge open.
  11. Turn the stocking right side out.
  12.  Stitch the stocking linings right side together, leaving a 7cm opening in the back seam.
    How to Make a Quilted Christmas Stocking #ChristmasStocking #SewingPattern
  13. Tuck the stocking inside the lining.
  14. Match the top edges together and stitch.
  15. Turn the stocking right side out through the opening in the lining.
    How to Make a Quilted Christmas Stocking #ChristmasStocking #SewingPattern
  16. Stitch the open edges of the lining together and push the lining inside the stocking to complete.

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Stocking #ChristmasStocking #SewingPattern

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