How to Make a Pyrography Mother’s Day Plaque

Using a pyrography tool is an easy skill to learn – and one that can be applied to creating all kinds of crafts that make fantastic gifts. Take a look at the below tutorial to find out how you can make your own Mother’s Day wall hanging to make Mum’s day!

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Trace around the heart onto tracing paper. This will allow you to sketch designs knowing they will fit the plaque.


2. Turn the tracing paper over and pencil over the design so it is completely covered. Turn the tracing paper to the correct side and tape it into place.


3. Using the pencil to trace over the pen marks to transfer the led from the reverse side of the tracing paper onto the wooden plaque.

Top tip! Apply light pressure at first as you do not want to leave any unwanted indentations in the wood from mistakes.


4. Allow the pyrography tool to heat up for approximately five to ten minutes.

Top tip! Use a round ended tip to begin with, as it was flow easier.

 Top tip! As you burn you will notice some build up on the tip, rub the tip onto the back of an old tea strainer to remove it.


5. Once you have finished burning use a rubber to erase any pencil marks that can be seen.


Top tip! You may wish to use a sharp scalpel to gently scratch away mistakes or scorch marks.


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