How to Make a Pyrography Heart Decoration

Create this sentimental home decoration using a wood burning tool on a wooden heart decoration, and bring the outside in with this ‘carved’ initial love heart decoration! Sure to put a cheesy smile on your loved ones face – follow the tutorial below to find out how simple it is to make your own. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials

Pencil »

Eraser »

Scalpel (optional – available in store)

How to Make

1. Draw a small heart in the centre of the wooden heart, and make into the arrow. Either side of the arrow draw your initials in a brush lettered style, then draw a heart around the outside.

2. Allow the pyrography tool to heat up for approximately five to ten minutes. Burn the heart around the outside and then draw little arrows to create a folky leaf effect. Then continue to burn the letters and arrow.

Top tip! Use a round ended tip to begin with, as the line will flow easier.

Top tip! As you burn you will notice some build up on the tip, rub the tip onto the back of an old tea strainer to remove it.

3. Once you have finished burning use a rubber to erase any pencil marks that can be seen.

Top tip! You may wish to use a sharp scalpel to gently scratch away mistakes or scorch marks.

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