How to Make a Punched Mache Tree

How to Make a Punched Mache Tree

If you want to create a non-traditional festive decoration for your home but you don’t want anything too difficult, have a go at making this punched mache tree. All you really need is some card, a punch and some glue to achieve this easy effect which looks really fun – paint the base a bright colour for added jazz! 

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1. It’s time to start punching… you’ve got a lot of circles to cut out! Use the circle punch to cut out loads of circles from your green card – I chose to use two different shades, but you could use more. Make sure you keep the colours separate as this will help you later.

2. Prepare the base of your mache tree by painting it with a punchy bright pink paint, and leave to dry. If you prefer, you could paint it brown to look more traditional.

3. Get sticking! Heat up your glue gun and start sticking your circles on the ‘branches’, starting from the bottom layer. At the edges, you want the circles to overlap by a couple of millimeters so you don’t have big gaps on the corners. 

4. Start with your lightest colour, and stick down a circle, making sure the bottom of the circle overhangs the bottom of the mache layer. Add your next circle using a darker shade, making sure you overlap the edges slightly with the first circle you have stuck down. Continue until you get to the end of the line.

 Top Tip!

It is a good idea to get a rough idea of how many circles you need per line first, so you don’t have to cut them down when you get to an edge. 

5. Once you have done the first line, you are going to continue above, making sure you overlap the top of the circles below. Continue doing the same as above until you reach the last line of the layer, which is sort of hidden by the next mache layer.

6. When you get to the last layer of circles under the next mache layer of branches, cut your circles in half, and glue these with the straight edge up against the inside edge you can’t see.

7. Continue to fill all the layers of mache with circles until you reach the top layer. 

8. When you start to be unable to use full circles as you go up the top layer, you will need to carefully trim them to fit, and stick them so that the straight edge lines up with the straight edges of the tree sides. 

9. At the very point of the tree, cut a wedge from a circle that is roughly the same shape as the point of the tree and stick on.

10. Repeat the above steps for all four sides of the tree.

How to Make a Punched Mache Tree

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