How to Make a Punched Flower Egg

How to Make a Punched Flower Egg #punched #flower #egg #polystyrene #blank #decorate #home #decoration #easter #spring #floral #diy

Eggs are a very important and symbolic part of Easter, they will be one of the first things you’ll think about during this special holiday!

Eggs come in all shapes and sizes, they come in candy form but are also used as decorative pieces. Eggs symbolise and are a celebration of new life, so subtle pastel colours as well as delicate patterns and shapes to decorate the eggs are perfect for the occasion.

This punched flower egg project is definitely an egg-citing make for you to try!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time to Make: 1 hour (plus drying time)

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Paintbrushes »
How to Make
1. Start by painting the entire polystyrene egg with a colour of your choice. Allow this first layer of paint to dry completely and then paint a second or even third layer of paint.IMG_2735 EDIT2
Top Tip!…Always allow a layer of paint to dry completely before applying another. If the layer is still damp, you may get a patchy finish.

IMG_2759 EDIT2

2. Whilst the polystyrene egg is drying, you can prepare the shapes you will be pinning onto the egg. Using a selection of card and punches, punch out a variety of shapes. In this case, more is better as you will need a lot of pieces to cover the surface the polystyrene egg.

3. By this stage, you will have lots of different shapes. Have a think about the pattern you could create on the surface of the polystyrene egg before you pin them.

4. Pin all your punched shapes in place.


Top Tip!…Start pinning at the top of the polystyrene egg and work your way down by creating concentric circles with the shapes and pins. This will help to create an evenly placed pattern.


And there you have it, one pretty Poly Punched Egg!


How to Make a Punched Flower Egg #easter #egg #alternative #floral #punch #diy #flowers #easy

How to Make a Punched Flower Egg #easter #egg #alternative #floral #punch #diy #flowers #easy

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