How to Make a Summer Scrapbook Layout

Create a sketchbook spread to capture the magic of a beautiful Summers day! Using just a few pens, some washi tape and a photograph, follow the steps below to create a beautiful brush lettered layout – the perfect way to document your adventure. 

You Will Need How to Make

  1. Begin in the middle of the sketchbook, Stick a photograph from the day in the middle with a snippet of washi tape either side. If you don’t have any images perhaps you have a ticket, receipt, leaflet, you could cut this up to stick in for your memories.

  1. Have a think about words that summed up your day, or maybe a song that was playing in the car on your way out, a phrase that someone said in the day that was funny or memorable. Using these words you can letter across the page, If you want some guidance just use a ruler and pop some pencil lines in. With the hand lettering all you want is a mix between strokes and lengths to give the impression of brush strokes so apply more pressure on your downwards strokes and less on the upward stroke for a more brushy look or if you elongate your normal handwriting slightly as I’ve done this will give a more whimsical look!

  1. Add a border of folky flowers using your paint pens, begin drawing out the shapes of your first colour (layer), start with the blue leave shapes drawing them and colouring in as you go. Add floral shapes in another colour at the top of your foliage stems. Add more foliage with a different colour using strokes to make up fern shapes. Once your paint is dry you can add dots up the leaves in a white pen to give it a folky look. Make seed head stems with the white paint pen by drawing curved lines from an original stem and adding circles at the top. Finally you can create the ditsy yellow flowers with a circle and lines coming from the centre.

  1. Voila your sketchbook page should be complete documenting your magical summer adventure

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