How to Make a Poppy Pin Wheel Brooch

This little spinning brooch is a lovely way to get children involved in Remembrance Sunday activities. It is really easy to make with some simple tools and card. Here we’ve used glue, but you could opt for double sided tape if you want a mess free, quicker version.

You Will NeedCraft Essentials

Glue Stick » (or double sided tape)

Craft Glue »

Peg (if gluing)

Pen (or something to make a hole with)

Blu Tack »

Paper Fasteners »

How to Make

  1. Use the template provided to cut 2 pinwheel shapes from red card.


 2. Stack up the two pinwheel shapes so that they form a hexagonal shape. Glue them together in the centre.


3. Gently bend the arms of the pinwheel into the centre, being careful not to fold the card. Glue them one at a time into the centre, pinching in place with your fingers as you go. Use a peg to hold the pinwheel in place whilst the glue dries. If you prefer instant stick, use double sided tape to fix the arms in place.


4. Whilst the glue is drying, use the template to cut 3 circles from red card and a green leaf.


5. Mark the centre of 2 of the circles then place a lump of blue tak on the back. Use a pen or similar sharp object to push a hole through the circles.


6. Insert the paper fastener. Give it a good wiggle around so that the circles move freely on the pin.


7. Glue the circle onto the back of the pinwheel, in the centre, with the head of the pin hidden underneath. Make sure you don’t get glue on the top circle, as it needs to move around freely.


8. Open up the paper fastener – be careful not to push the ends out too much as you want the flower to spin freely on the pin.


9. Glue the third circle on top, sandwiching in the ends of the paper fastener.


10. Glue the leaf onto the back, then glue the brooch in place.



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